The Bookmarks

  1. Swan

    08 Jan 2020
    SWAN; to all urban hunters who carry a gun, beware of shooting at the setting of the sun…

  2. Prototype with working title - SWAN

    01 Jan 2020
    Frist day of the year and first dummy. After comes the tweaking part of trial and error.

  3. Traditional black and white prints

    31 Dec 2019
    Has been a while I’ve printed traditional glossy black and white on Ilford gallery paper. Let’s make it a habit for 2020? But first, prototype a book out of these. #cynosurabooks #monochrome #artistbook #photobook #selfpublished #handmade

  4. Draw me a Horse

    25 Nov 2019
    Draw me a Horse (2019) is a book dedicated to my drawings of daydreams and other nightmares.

  5. Draw me a Horse

    22 Nov 2019
    This book, titled “Draw me a Horse” shows a collection of my recent (2019) drawings. These visions are from my childhood memories and when they become visible to me, I quickly sketch them down together with a line of text.  In that way I take notes and might eventually recall…

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