Book Log

  1. Draw me a Horse

    25 Nov 2019
    Draw me a Horse (2019) is a book dedicated to my drawings of daydreams and other nightmares.

  2. Draw me a Horse

    22 Nov 2019
    This book, titled “Draw me a Horse” shows a collection of my recent (2019) drawings. These visions are from my childhood memories and when they become visible to me, I quickly sketch them down together with a line of text.  In that way I take notes and might eventually recall…

  3. Horizon [2019]

    15 Jan 2019
    HORIZON [clouds of empty letters over the horizon] - are reproduced collages from vintage envelopes, photography, painting and monotype prints - extracted from the original book. Hardcover and hand bound over tapes, 48 pages, 14 x 19,5 cm. The edition is 8 book-works, self published in 2019. Available here.

  4. Rock, cage, vision and false

    24 Aug 2018
    Pages from a sketchbook showing transforming symbols – Rock, cage, vision and false.

  5. Let’s Pollute

    09 Aug 2018
    Let’s Pollute The unstoppable weekly pile of advertorial folders delivered on my doormat are cut into a A6 booklet in a way to make some sense of them.  Unstoppable advertorial mailings on the doormat? Not entirely. I can buy a sticker to stick on my letterbox with saying NO-NO to…

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