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  1. Other People’s Vacations

    29 Apr 2020
    Other Peoples Vacations I’m not a philatelist. I’ve been sorting out stories from a one kilogram bag filled with old Dutch stamps. Bought from a philatelist shop, out of curiosity. It’s a common collectors way to tear off a corner from a postcard or envelope to keep the stamps. I’ve…

  2. How is the World doing?

    25 Mar 2020
    How is the world doing? *** “Hoe het in de werelt gaet?” *** Edition of 10 *** Soft cover *** Singer binding *** 32 pages *** Olin Rough 135 grs. *** Dimensions 148x210mm oblong *** Print-ooblik.fr *** The images where made in 2015-2016 around Utrecht with a 2.1mp Canon Ixus…

  3. Waiting for the tides to turn

    09 Mar 2020
    About my hope that new times will finally bring a true consensus to restore a healthy relationship of man versus nature. Because I love to wander the free open spaces, shores, dunes and seas. In my current opinion, the virtual moment of a digitally captured photograph becomes only something of…

  4. Fire

    10 Feb 2020
    A unique book made by cutting down drawings in four parts, forming the pages.

  5. The Swan flies out

    27 Jan 2020
    Thus that’s how “Swan” came to be, as a solid hand-build book, and I could produce just one book per day, the assembling was pretty tedious, but totally worth the experience Edition of 6 | Hard cover | Coptic binding | 36 pages | 24 genuine black and white c-prints…

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