The Bookmarks

  1. Disruption

    21 Aug 2020
    The continuity of two-thousand-twenty, the order of the day, our schedule is delayed or interrupted. We feel ourselves disintegrated and frozen under the authority of larger powers. With that sentiment, that moment in time is shared in this, one sheet, two page book. Without disruption, one lesson to learn now…

  2. Artistbook Run Run Run

    17 Aug 2020
    Run Run Run, the mother book. Hand dyed paper, sewn on C-prints, hand bound in album style. This artist book gave birth to the editorial version and you can see the book here. The book itself is in a private collection now.

  3. Run, run, run

    15 Jul 2020
    Working on a new photobook - Run, run, run. In print now and limited to 25 copies. A5 and 88 pages.

  4. Lunatic Asylum

    26 May 2020
    I made a book based on a single quote by Empress (of Austria) Sisi / Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie in Beieren —”A fully equipped lunatic asylum would please me most.” Describing pretty much how confinement feels. The book and pages will be appearing on this site soon.

  5. Face Masks

    17 May 2020
    Collection of non-medical masks, made as handout to the ones having to work away from shelter during Covid-19

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