Book Log

  1. Run, run, run

    15 Jul 2020
    Working on a new photobook - Run, run, run. In print now and limited to 25 copies. A5 and 88 pages.

  2. Lunatic Asylum

    26 May 2020
    I made a book based on a single quote by Empress (of Austria) Sisi / Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie in Beieren —”A fully equipped lunatic asylum would please me most.” Describing pretty much how confinement feels. The book and pages will be appearing on this site soon.

  3. Face Masks

    17 May 2020
    Collection of non-medical masks, made as handout to the ones having to work away from shelter during Covid-19

  4. Other People’s Vacations

    29 Apr 2020
    Other Peoples Vacations I’m not a philatelist. I’ve been sorting out stories from a one kilogram bag filled with old Dutch stamps. Bought from a philatelist shop, out of curiosity. It’s a common collectors way to tear off a corner from a postcard or envelope to keep the stamps. I’ve…

  5. How is the World doing?

    25 Mar 2020
    How is the world doing? *** “Hoe het in de werelt gaet?” *** Edition of 10 *** Soft cover *** Singer binding *** 32 pages *** Olin Rough 135 grs. *** Dimensions 148x210mm oblong *** *** The images where made in 2015-2016 around Utrecht with a 2.1mp Canon Ixus…

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