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  1. kb-410-1994-Stb-720

    20 Feb 2018
    [single edition in private collection] kb-410-1994-Stb-720 is a photo book, laser-printed on Rayon Unryu paper that has fibers that reminds of sigaret smoke.

  2. Split/Second photography Pt.1

    19 Feb 2018
    "I try to see those infinite overlapping moments. Every story starts somewhere in the middle." Softcover 52 pages, french fold, wire bound, 14,0 x 19,4 cm, in edition of 30, plus a poster 52,0 x 39,0 cm. 

  3. Starship Pt.1

    17 Feb 2018

  4. Octave

    10 Feb 2018
    “Pictures of the past are illustrated by the past left behind”. Octave, is a trilogy of photo-books. Shown are works by seven artists, distributed over three books. The books are hand-crafted, contains 32 french fold pages and the dimensions are 148 x 201 mm. Edition of 30 copies plus 1 artist proof…

  5. British Monarchs

    27 Jan 2018
    [single edition in private collection] This book consist of glassine enveloppes filled with cut-outs from a book containing woodcuts by Thomas Bewick, depicting the British monarchs. Thomas Bewick was an English engraver and natural history author. I liked to keep the cut-outs intact as cut and decided to bundle them in glassine…

  6. Captures from the Zoo

    20 Jan 2018

  7. Car Paint

    27 Dec 2017
    Digital painting of a vintage BMW3000 in four variations.

  8. Pigonomics

    09 Dec 2017
    In this eight times up-speeded recording, I’m drawing “Pigonomics” to my sketchbook to keep this idea and theme for later use.

  9. Dazzle

    11 Nov 2017
    [edition of 2 in private collection] Dazzle is a handmade photo book about war painting and machines from the WW2. The book is bound with a four hole stab-binding and a soft cover. It contains 32 pages, four types of paper, tipped-in photo prints and measures 148 x 210 mm.

  10. 1 Notebook

    14 Oct 2017
    [single edition in private collection] This a one and only book and has hard covers illustrated with a collage of photography and added acrylic paint. There is a section with photography of a railway station and this is placed in the middle of the book. The other parts of the book are left blank for note…

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