A journal of things

  1. Imaginairy Explorations Along a Town

    08 Apr 2019

  2. Tent Cloths

    01 Mar 2019
    Tent Cloths - watercolour & pencil - ca. 1991

  3. Construction

    25 Feb 2019
    A landscape with a meandering construction | with a 6 x 12 panoramic pinhole camera

  4. Japanese Garden

    22 Feb 2019
    A Japanese Garden, through a Pinhole and an by an Overlapping Frame.

  5. Horizon [2019]

    15 Jan 2019
    HORIZON [clouds of empty letters over the horizon] - are reproduced collages from vintage envelopes, photography, painting and monotype prints - extracted from the original book. Hardcover and hand bound over tapes, 48 pages, 14 x 19,5 cm. The edition is 8 book-works, self published in 2019. Available here.

  6. Woodland

    24 Oct 2018

  7. Botanical I to VII

    18 Sep 2018
    Botanical VII - From a series of 7 composites of drawings and photography.

  8. N 52 3.097, E 4 11.301

    29 Aug 2018

  9. Rock, cage, vision and false

    24 Aug 2018
    Pages from a sketchbook showing transforming symbols – Rock, cage, vision and false.

  10. The Executioner

    20 Aug 2018
    The butcher gave his task of executioner to his dutiful head of the flock of sheep. The ram was grateful to take over this honorably mission as he was promised by the butcher a heaven with the grasslands always green and tasty.

  11. Let’s Pollute

    09 Aug 2018
    Let’s Pollute The unstoppable weekly pile of advertorial folders delivered on my doormat are cut into a A6 booklet in a way to make some sense of them.  Unstoppable advertorial mailings on the doormat? Not entirely. I can buy a sticker to stick on my letterbox with saying NO-NO to…

  12. Dutch Bucolic

    08 Aug 2018
    Dutch Bucolic, Somewhere Southerly

  13. Greetings from Utrecht

    07 Aug 2018
    I’ve made this one-off-a-kind album with hyper-idealistic-tourists-postcards. I bought 16 postcards for €5,00. Then stitched them together back on back and bound all into a four hole Japanese style stab-binding. Finally I painted the blue skies on the postcards white. Only during heatwaves the sky is red.

  14. Under the Sun

    29 Jul 2018
    I made “Under the Sun” during the all records breaking heatwave of the last week in July 2018. Under these circumstances all kind of visions and creatures appeared from under my brush. It was that hot. [Ink and gouache on paper]

  15. Clouds of Empty Letters over the Horizon.

    20 Jul 2018
    Clouds of Empty Letters over the Horizon. Showing a few pages of the book with acrylic paintings, monotypes, laser prints, collages with vintage envelopes and teared off corners of postcards.

  16. Avatar

    18 Jun 2018
    There are many words and many interpretations for describing the human appearance. Descriptions for alter egos, incarnations, the human form, the images in the flesh, a personification, an impersonation or computerized avatar. All portray a surface but not the soul.I've coloured the pages with black-blue fountain pen ink. The page numbers are stamped…

  17. Resumé

    08 Jun 2018
    Some pages from the “Resumé” book. Hand-bound over pink-orange dyed cloth ribbons. The signatures are sewn with orange thread and the cactus photo’s are from my greenhouse archive. These are laser-printed over postcards of Albrecht Dürer’s alphabet, and stitched back to back together with a Singer from 1910. The poem is rubber stamped. Dorothy Parker was a master of the alphabet…

  18. Botanical I

    07 May 2018
    Botanical forms and figures photographed in a greenhouse.

  19. White Cat

    21 Apr 2018
    Tonight half a piece of a cloud came down. A white cat leaps into the black night. Nine lives cats do have

  20. Crushed Cans

    02 Apr 2018
    This project displays discarded and decaying beverage cans that I’ve collected from the streets. My collecting served three purposes. One, to tidy up the polluted streets from this litter. Two, to capture the graphical beauty of the crushed, crumpled and rusty cans. And three to dispose them properly for recycling…

  21. Dormant Land (continued)

    14 Mar 2018
    A book about that barren land on where the urbanisation, indifference and foolhardiness the nature is transforming into an asphalt puddle The softcover papers are made from farming waste, the kozo endpapers are sumi-e painted, the 48 printed pages are on recycled paper, bound with metal clip and thread stitched enforced corners, measuring 205 x…

  22. Dormant Land

    05 Mar 2018
    Pictures from a work in progress, for the upcoming book “Dormant Land”. Shown are buildings showing through the fog, a Sumi-e minimal landscape drawing, the first dummy and second dummy.

  23. Track in the Snow

    02 Mar 2018
    [single edition in private collection] Track in the snow, walking without a trace. A multimedia collage book. Handmade and bound in a Japanese style stab binding.

  24. Captures from the Zoo

    01 Mar 2018
    Captures from the Zoo [work in progress] Once tribes stopped dwelling and gathering food they stayed put at one place and starting farming and began to create possessions. Animals were kept in captivity in order for the tribe to survive. It is now superfluous to exploit animals and lock then up…

  25. Split/Second book Pt.2

    24 Feb 2018
    "I try to see those infinite overlapping moments. Every story starts somewhere in the middle." Softcover 52 pages, french fold, wire bound, 14,0 x 19,4 cm, in edition of 30, plus a poster 52,0 x 39,0 cm. 

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